Monday, June 20, 2016

I Love To See the Temple

Week #13

You know you are a lucky missionary when you get to Skype on Father's Day!

I got to Skype yesterday instead of Mother's Day because I wanted to wait a little longer (after arriving in the mission) so I got to talk to my family yesterday. We are definitely blessed to have the technology that we do. It was so nice to see their faces. I hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day and told your dads how much you love them. The time on Skype went so fast! It felt like 15 minutes! But it was good :)

This week we were blessed to be able to serve in the Portland Temple Visitor Center! It's not in our mission, but the Portland Oregon Mission was having a mission conference so they chose four companionships to go and serve and we were chosen. It was so special. I've really missed the temple and even though I didn't actually get to go inside, just being on the temple grounds is amazing. Temple grounds are the most sacred places on the earth. How special is that? While in the Visitor Center I was able to talk to a lot of younger people. We got to talked about the blessings of the temple work that they do. Talking to non-members was my favorite though. They recognized the special spirit that was there and Hermana Coca invited one of them to be baptized and they said
"yes" after only being there for a half hour! It was so amazing!

Speaking of people saying "yes" to baptismal dates, we invited one of our investigators to be baptized and she said yes (so we have 3 investigators on date for July) and then her mom who we had just met pretty much asked us to invite her as well. She said yes before we even finished asking the question. She lives outside of our mission
boundaries so we got to call some sister missionaries in the Portland mission and tell them that we had a referral for them and that she was already on date! That doesn't happen. To quote my companion, "They must have been praying for a miracle".

This week our Branch had a Father's Day activity and they didn't have anything planned except the food so we ran to the store and got games for Minute to Win it. You know the one  with the empty tissue box with ping pong balls tied around your waist and you have to shake them out? So imagine a bunch of Hispanic dads doing it. It was so funny! And of course I got it on video :)

Not super long today, sorry. I hope you are all doing well

I love you all,
Hermana Dickson

Father's Day Skype family photo!

Portland Oregon Temple "It is SO beautiful! Pictures don't do it justice."

Serving in the Portland Oregon Temple Visitor's Center

Temple constructed with marble and slate from VERMONT! How neat is that?!

Hermana Dickson and Hermana Coca

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