Monday, March 6, 2017

The Spirit Will Testify and Teach

Week #51

You know you're a missionary when your companion points out to you that you do an unintentional "tag check" every lesson, testimony, OYM, etc. Basically that means I  am constantly touching my name badge to make sure it is still there without even thinking about it.

Every Monday I feel as though it's been the fastest week of my mission. The time seems to be rushing by.

I had my first dinner where I have had to pray multiple times to stop myself from throwing up. That was a highlight. I literally was eating egg shells with blended up bread and shrimp. I don't know any other way to explain it. 

We have really been trying to clean out our areabook app and we have made some real progress. This last week we contacted a family who lives in our apartment complex. The husband opened the door and knew who we were (he didn't seem too excited about it either). He let us in and directed us to his wife who also seemed indifferent to our presence. He then re took his place on the couch and turned the TV volume up. We began talking to the wife and she told us of their experiences with missionaries. We were able to make some connections because I served with one of the Elders when I was in Forest Grove. During all this, J (esposo) rarely glanced over though I spefically faced my chair towards him and talked to both of them. I don't remember our exact conversation, but we started talking about the temple and eternal families. The Spirit entered the home and J turned off the TV and slowly scooted over on the couch until he was as close as he could get to the conversation. 

I testify of the truth that our Heavenly Father wants us to be sealed as families eternally. I testify that if we invite him, the Spirit can testify and teach. It has been so amazing to watch the Spirit touch the lives of the people I meet. It has been such a blessing to feel a portion of our Heavenly Father's love for each individual.

One of our investigators received a blessing this week and so did I. It's so hard to explain my feelings over email. The authority and power of God is on the earth today and we are so blessed to have the knowledge and ability to ask for special instruction and help through worthy holders of the priesthood. When I think my testimony can't possibly grow any stronger of the power of the priesthood, I feel an even stronger confirmation of our Heavenly Father's love for each one of us.

I've realized that I talk a lot about the love of our Heavenly Father in lessons, my emails, and almost every day in my journal. It's because it is fundamental! It is the first principle that we must understand before we can understand why we have living modern day prophets and why we have the Plan of Salvation. It's because He loves us. It's because He is our Father eternal. 

Les quiero, 

Hermana Dickson

Pictures include my new Mexican apron and me cooking my favorite type of Mexican food haha (do y'all like my "cook book"?). Also an investigator of the Elders took us out to dinner and took a selfie with us. It's my favorite picture of my entire mission. He's just so awkward (self proclaimed) and he just randomly raised his phone and took a picture. We made plans to go to Mexico in October when I am home. Other pictures include a family that we teach and a teenage investigator. Everyone keeps telling us we look like sisters. The last picture is what you do when you wake up feeling like a cowboy, but you live in Oregon where it rains all the time. I didn't even know that they made ponchos for cowboy hats. We hit a record of most rain in the month of February that ever before. Usually we get 3-4 inches, but we got over 10 this last month.

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