Monday, April 17, 2017

"For Me" - A Powerful Easter Testimony

Week #57

You know you are a sick, delirious missionary when you accidentally call out to your companion "Mom?" . . .  when you need more medicine.

So, no we didn't have transfers again. Hermana Karren is still my companion; I just accidentally called her "Mom". She really did take care of me this week as I was yet again sick. We still had an awesome week though. 

The Spirit works in interesting ways. After emailing last Monday we left to go and try to contact some people in our records and a thought came to my mind to switch it up a little bit. I would never have thought that it was the Spirit, but we chose to go and contact a less active that Hermana Jensen and I have tried multiple times over the last few months. We were able to find her and talk to her for a little bit. She has a lot of hurt in her life and doesn't see how the promised blessings of an eternal family can happen for her "broken family". It was so special to be able to testify of the perfect plan of our Heavenly Father and how He will keep His promises to us, whether in this life or the next. Just before we left she told us that she knew that God sent us at that specific time for a reason. I'm glad that the Spirit told us to go and see her.

We also were able to have exchanges this week and I stayed in the area this time with Hermana Stockett! It was a blast. I love exchanges. It mixes things up for a day and you get to learn so much from your leaders. Hermana Stockett has been companions with both Hermana Jensen and Hermana Hunt and we have both served in Woodburn and Forest Grove so we had a lot to talk about. She told me about my beloved Forest Grove and the people that I love and miss so much. That was a little tender mercy.

Yesterday in church I realized that this was the absolute best week to be sick. It was a humbling experience honestly. Sacrament meeting was very special. Even though I was sick, I had been asked to help with the music to make the Easter Sunday special. I played the piano for the meeting and we also sang some special musical numbers. Though I was embarrassed to sit up in front of everyone hacking and coughing, I had the special opportunity to look out at the faces of the people that I love so much in our little branch. Was I able to hear the talks very well? No, my ears are all plugged up. Did my voice sound raspy while singing? Yes, my name is "Hermana Murphy" * and I am sick. But, it was a Sacrament meeting full of personal revelation.

This was the best week to be sick because this weekend we celebrated and remembered that our Savior Jesus Christ has suffered for all of our sicknesses, temptations, pains, and sins. He has felt my frustration with the language when I have felt as though I'm trying, but am still not measuring up to my unrealistic expectations that I had as I entered the mission field. He has felt my disappointment in myself when I fail to be exactly obedient because of my weaknesses. He felt and understood my anger that I felt in high school when I felt like my life was "not fair". He felt my physical pain in high school that couldn't be explained. He has felt the loneliness that I felt in college as I shut everyone out. He felt the struggle that I had when I was trying to put a smile on my face for my family while skyping on Christmas though I definitely did not feel like smiling. He suffered for my many temptations and when I fall to those temptations.

He suffered so that all could be healed. We can be clean and can be made whole however many times it takes. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is always there and just like He did on the third day, we will all some day be resurrected and those pains, sicknesses, temptations, and sins will be gone. Washed away by a loving Savior and Redeemer. 

This was a perfect week to feel sick and weak. My drops of tears will never add up to as many drops of blood were shed by Him. For me.

I love you all,

Hermana Lauren Dickson

Woodburn Tulip Festival

Exchanges: Hermanas Karren, Barnes, Stockett, Dickson

The Elders decided that we should all wear pink as a district for Easter.
Promise that it was their idea :) 

Text from the Elders:
"We are all going to be wearing pink ties, so wear pink if you want to match with us"

Zarahemla North District: Dickson, Karren, Quinlan, Baxter, McKell, Davis, Bankhead

Zarahemla North District:
Davis, Baxter, Quinlan, Bankhead, Dickson, Karren, McKell

* (Murphy's Law: What can go wrong, will go wrong. . . It happens with our beloved Hermana Lauren Dickson).

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