Monday, September 26, 2016

Chocolate and Roses . . .

Week #28

You know you're a missionary when your companion almost gets emergency transferred because of chocolates and roses. . . 🍫🌹

Now that's not normal, but it would happen to us. It's been a fun week that's for sure. The Iron Rod activity last Monday was a huge success! It was so fun. I realized that my Spanish vocabulary doesn't include "Wait! Watch out! You're going to hit your head on the chalk board!" Being a Spanish Holy Ghost was fun.

Had some not so fun times this week. On Tuesday we decided it was "serve the members day" and so we planned to just show up at our members' doors and say "put us to work". We put on service clothes and got on our bikes, but we didn't get very far because my brakes broke. We were in the middle of that fiasco when we got a call from a man that we had been teaching. Now Hermana Dickson only talks on the phone in Spanish when it is members (calling) who know that I am going to ask them to repeat themselves 3 times. They have patience with me, but most investigators always get to talk to Hermana Brower because she won't have to ask them to repeat themselves. So he calls right? . . . and then proceeds to ask Hermana Brower what she was doing this weekend and what kind of chocolate is her favorite, to which she responded with "I'm really sorry, you're breaking up. I can't understand what you are saying. It's really fuzzy on your end for some reason. . ." etc . . . So then he texted us. 

We found out later that he had been asking his coworkers - who are members of our branch (congregation) - how to ask out an American girl. Suffice it to say, we called the Elders and gave them a referral.

We have been teaching the sister of a less active and she is on date to be baptized November 5th! When we explained what baptism was a week ago she said, "I can be clean?! I need to get baptized!" We asked her if she would prepare for November 5,she said "yes" and then got the cutest grin on her face. I'm so excited to keep teaching her.

General Conference peeps. Watch it. ( This last weekend was the Women' Broadcast and I honestly feel like those talks affected me more than conference talks before and it's just the beginning. In that short hour and a half I had so many questions answered and I can't wait for next weekend to be more spiritually fed.

I was reading in the New Testament in Spanish the morning after President Uchtdorf's talk on faith in Women's Conference and found a quote from him (what he had said), but in Spanish not English. . . It's really confusing to explain, but what he said is exactly what the scripture said, but not in English, in Spanish. In the English bible it says it differently, but it was exactly the same in Spanish. . . I don't know if that made any sense. It was just a really cool moment because what he said really stuck with me and then I read the same thing the next morning
in another language in the scriptures.

Heavenly Father knows exactly what I need to hear or read (and sometimes both ☺️). It's really cool to read the scriptures in another language because things are said differently and you can get different personal revelation from the same exact verse.

There is rumor going around that there are 8 Hermanas coming in next transfer. (October  There will only be 11 Hermanas here (able) to train and 4 of those 11 are going to be fresh out of training. That means that some newbies will be training even newer newbies. . . Excited. "Well excited and scared" (See what she did there?)

Embarrassing moment this week (because there always is one when you are Hermana Dickson). Did you know that "apoyo" and "pollo" don't mean the same thing? And when your companion says "hay más apoyo en tu vida ahora" she isn't saying "there is more chicken in your life now". . .

That's all folks! I'll be here all week (actually only on Mondays for one hour before 6). 

I love you all,

Hermana Dickson

"The Evidence"

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  1. Ha funny story about chocolates and roses. I heard there are 8 spanish speaking missionaries coming but I think that is elders and sisters.