Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bonnie L Oscarson in Mars . . . I mean McMinnville

Week #62

You know you're in Oregon when you see Bonnie L Oscarson at a UFO festival . . . Actually that's not something "you'd know" is it? Not quite a normal occurrence to see the General Young Women President wearing a tin foil hat. 

I have moved from "little Mexico" to "little Mars". We volunteered at the annual UFO festival here in McMinnville. Quite the welcome to a new area. I'm very accustomed to bright colored hair in Oregon, what I'm not quite used to is all of the tinfoil and aliens. We did see some familiar faces from Dr Who and Star Wars so I wasn't completely lost. We are always to told to live in the world, but not of the world. Well how about "out of this world"? Okay I'll stop. It actually went well. I ended the day very content with an 8 inch corn dog in my left hand and my right hand on Bonnie L Oscarson's shoulder. Never thought that I would ever hear a General Auxiliary leader say "if this picture shows up on Facebook I'll kill you". 

Transfers were the worst. It's always hard for me to say goodbye at transfers, but this last one was the worst. Hermana Hunt came and it was so amazing to see her again. She is the first of my companions that I have been able to see after being transferred away and that was such a tender mercy. We've both grown and changed of course, but it was a mini flashback. So many sweet memories came to my mind. I love her so much. What made it so hard was that I had to say goodby and drive away from 2 companions this time. Hermana Karren and Hermana Hunt have both blessed my life in different ways. It was an eye opener though. My testimony of inspired companionships grew. I needed Hermana Hunt in the few months we were companions and I needed Hermana Karren these last few weeks. It was hard to leave. So many memories and I will miss Hermana Karren. We really became the best of friends. The time felt so short, but I am so excited for them to be companions. They are going to see miracles. 

Hermana Tanuvasa is my new companion. She is from Hawaii, a total chola, and is in her last 6 weeks. She is the oldest Hermana in the mission and I am the third oldest. It's super weird to have 2 viejitas together and we definitely didn't expect it.

So, just to give you a heads up on how this transfer is going to go. Every 6 weeks we have an interview with President Tateoka, our Mission President. In Hermana Tanu's last interview he told her to have fun. "You've worked hard, now take lots of pictures and videos and just have fun", not the usual thing to hear from him. She told me that on our first day as companions. Well the next day, President Tateoka called while she was in the restroom. Now, getting a call from your Mission President isn't a usual thing and the last couple of times that I have been on the phone with him recently have been because of problems or drama so I was a little surprised (aka worried). We talked for a little about the area and my mission and then he said, "Hermana Dickson are you excited to be with Hermana Tanuvasa? You make sure to have fun your last 2 transfers". We've both hit some bumps in our missions so this is quite a change. So President literally put the old Hermanas together and said "have fun" . . . I'm excited. 

I've made it back to the hills! I didn't know how much I missed it until we drove up and saw all of the vineyards.

So it's all new again. Even new food. Well technically it is old, but I haven't had it in a while. We have eaten with quite a few English members this week and my stomach is not adjusting well. I'm used to tortillas and we ate BBQ. I'll get there, but I miss my sopes.

So we are doing well. We are exhausted. Our first lesson together we put someone on date for baptism! Great way to start in a new area. My heart has just opened up for the people here in McMinnville. I already love them. I don't remember all of their names the first time, but I do love them. 

Today we visited alpacas. First Pday in McMinnville and we spend it with walking carpets. They were so cute, but not too friendly. No worries, only my pride was hurt. (Sounds like there is a story there.)

The reason Pday wasn't Monday was because we have a mission tour with Elder Arden of the 70. I love the spirit that we can feel when we meet together as a mission. The part that stood out the most to me was when he told us about how the Prophet is doing. He testified that the Prophet is called of God and told us to always remember the way we felt right then if we ever questioned that. 

We are so truly blessed to have a Heavenly Father who loves us so much that He continues to give us guidance in these latter days.

That's all for today . . .

Les Quiero,

Hermana Dickson

Volunteering at McMinnville 18th Annual UFO Festival 

Who's wearing that tin foil hat? . . . General YW President Sister Bonnie Oscarson! 

"Go ye into all the world (out of the world?) and preach the gospel to every creature" Mark 16:15

McMinnville District Volunteers

Elders Ashby, Gordon, Bryson, Beckstead,
Sister Lovell, Hma Tanuvasa, Sister Judd, Hma Dickson


More alpacas

Hermana Tanuvasa and Hermana Dickson

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