Monday, May 1, 2017

"I Love Being a Missionary Because . . . "

Week #59

You know you have major district unity when your Elders tell you to be at the church 9:30 a.m. sharp. . . and you show up to breakfast! Our Elders made us breakfast including gluten free pancakes for my companion!

I could probably make this email very long, filled with all of the things that went wrong or weird this week, but I won't. I will say that it has been the most roller coaster week SO FAR in my mission. Who knows what the future will bring, though I honestly hope that this week stays as the record.

This week I learned how patient and loving my sweet companion is. I also learned that she does not remember what she says when she is sick and took severe NyQuil. Specifically she does not remember this conversation,

Hna D: *laughing at my delirious companion as I try to push her towards her bed so she can sleep*
Hna K: "Are you crying?"
Hna D: "No"
Hna K: "Oh good, please don't. You cry a lot. . ."

So I still haven't changed in that aspect. She is cien por ciento right. She also told me that the word Gervis sounds like Jimmy so not everything she says under the influence is legitimate. So yes my companion has been sick, but she is a trooper and with every twisted turn this week that every time we more frustrated/didn't feel like wanting to work, we would say "I love being a missionary because. . . " and it definitely helped us and was very needed.

I love being a missionary because we just started teaching two little 11 year old boys. They are gemelos, twins, and are getting ready to be baptized this summer. We taught them about the restoration and when we talked about how Christ died for us one of them started crying! We quickly pulled out a picture of resurrected Jesus and assured him that He is very happy and smiling. They also got very excited at the end when we asked them if they had any questions and they started spewing them out. Questions like "Where are the gold plates now? How old is God?" It was so cute. We are so excited to be able to teach them and they were definitely a tender mercy this week.

One of my questions throughout my mission has been, "what do Elders do in their free time?" Well, I probably should never have asked because we found out that they all try to eat as much hot sauce as they can. They were crying and coughing and . . . other stuff and I do have to say it was brutal. I was suffering for the rest of the day and into the night. That's what I get for trying to fit in with the cool crowd I guess.

Other good things that happened this week is that we got to start the Young Woman program Personal Progress with and investigator. She doesn't seem super pumped about it, but we are hoping that it will help her have a strong foundation and she continues to learn more about the Gospel. We also made prayer rocks with some other young investigators. Some ended up just covered in globs of paint, but hey, if globs of paint remind you to pray then I'm good with that.

Lots and lots of changes have happened here in Woodburn. The Branch president of 9 years, President Pister was released. They decided to end the meeting with the song "God be with you til we meet again". It was so hard. Everyone was a mess. I awkwardly locked eyes with one of the Elders and he was totally crying and he has only been here for 3 weeks. It made me love the people here even more because they really are a family and though change is good, it can be so hard. President Pister is one of the most consecrated men I have met in my life. He truly loves the people here and has helped me to love them as well. He has blessed so many lives. What is really special is that the new Branch President was baptized thanks in part to the work and love that President Pister gave to him and his family. It was just such a testimony builder that the fruits of our labors sometimes come years after and will continue to bless the lives of generations to come.

A life that was blessed this week was our investigator that I talked about last week. The one who was being taught here, but assisting in the Portland mission. Well her name is Hortencia. Why can I tell you her name now? Because she got baptized on Saturday. That was a huge part of the craziness this week. She was literally taught 60% of the lessons, interviews and baptized in 4 days. We definitely didn't expect it to happen the way it did, but we are so happy for her. She is the most prepared person that I have taught my whole mission and I can't wait for her to continue to see the blessings that come as she continues to follow Christ's example. We visited and taught her this week on her birthday and it was so fun. No one can say no to tamales and tres leches.

This email is as scattered as all my other ones, but there was something that really stuck out to me this week. This week we had a lot of people, member, investigators, and random others share a lot of hard things with us. I felt a lot of weight as people shared their trials, pasts, and pains, I feel helpless sometimes because I don't know what to say. What I do know is that Christ suffered for all. No matter what it is, an infinite Atonement can heal all. I don't have to know what to say other than share my testimony of my Savior.

I'll end this email with what Hermana Karren heard me say in my sleep last night.
"What? Yes. No. I don't know. Pray about it!"

Les quiero,
Hermana Lauren Dickson

Pictures include the district, birthday with Hortencia, her baptism! The Paisnito. It's an ice cream place on Front St. My favorite thing to get is the avocado ice cream.

"The Elders made us breakfast this morning. It was super cute."

Birthday with Hortencia. Tamales and Tres Leche.

Hortencia's Baptism!

Favorite ice cream on Front Street

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