Monday, August 29, 2016

Humility "Lord is it I?"

Week #24

You know you're Hermana Dickson when you get excited about eating squeaky cheese.

I have about 10 minutes to email so this will be a fast one. Squeaky cheese is the culprit. Hermana Brower and I have been biking so much that we saved enough miles to drive to Tillamook. It took all day and I drove so unfortunately I have no time to email. But hey it was fun. I cut my lip on ice cream. . . #hermanamurphy

Most important, two of God's children are getting baptized! I'm so, so excited for them! We've had some really awesome lessons and have received so much guidance and revelation from the Holy Ghost as a companionship this week. I wish I had time to tell you. 

I have really learned a lot in my personal studies this week. I was studying chapter 6 in Preach My Gospel (go study it, it's amazing) and I was specifically studying humility for a training I was giving in District meeting. I was reading in Matthew this week as well and I read the part of the last supper where Christ tells the apostles, His best friends, that one of them will betray him. The thing that I loved, that really impressed me, is that the apostles had developed humility, the Christlike attribute that I was studying. Not one of them said "well look at Juan over there, he's been cranky lately" or "hey I bet it's Judas, there's something going on with him". They all said "Lord, is it I?" 

They looked at themselves and knew that they were weak. They were humble. I guess my invitation for everyone who reads my emails is this: When you have an argument with someone, when you don't understand the "why" for a commandment, when you feel disconnected from your Heavenly Father. Drop to your knees and humbly
ask "Lord is it I? Am I the one who is stubborn? Am I not doing what I am supposed to? Am I not humbling myself enough to feel of your love and to follow the guidance of your servants?"

I promise, as a representative of Jesus Christ, that when we go to our Father in humble prayer we will feel of His love and be able to recognize His guidance in our lives so that we can be more like Christ.

I love you all,

Hermana Dickson

PS I'm so excited for the baptism!

Hermana Brower and Hermana Dickson 

Tillamook Factory

Ice cream that she "cut her lip" on??

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