Monday, August 8, 2016

Pokemon - Go . . . To the Temple!

Week #21

You know you're a sister missionary when you call the Elders instead of the Cops.

This week has been a little crazy (I know, I say that every week) We had our last Pday in Les Schwab getting our flat fixed and this week we did our weekly planning in Ford, so it hasn't been the most normal week, but it was a fun one. We like to say that we started our companionship "sprinting and falling". We're getting good at picking each other back up, but we haven't had a normal day quite yet.

My Spanishing is going well. I talked the almost the whole time in our missionary correlation meeting where we tell our Branch Mission Leader about the people we are teaching. There was one time where I turned to Hermana Brower and said "well...companion?" and she took over. I'm getting there though.

So the whole calling the Elders instead of the Cops thing. Hermana Brower and I were parked in the church parking lot using the Internet to sync our iPads and I heard some weird beeping. I honestly thought someone was just playing Pokemon-Go (more on that later), but we looked up and there was an old man with a metal detector digging holes in the church grass. We're always told if we have an issue to first call our district leader and then make our way up the line of authority right? I'm not sure where the cops come into the line of authority :) but we just called the Elders and they came and talked to him. And got his address. And set up a teaching appointment. #missionarylife

Speaking of setting up teaching appointments (and Pokemon-Go), there is a "gym" at our church building so we always have random people at our church building playing and we're missionaries so of course we talk to them. There was one guy on his hover board playing in the parking lot so the Elders actually started talking to him, but then they had to go so we stayed. We ended up setting up an appointment for the Elders and learning a little about Pokemon-Go :) ALSO there is a "gym" at the Portland Temple so people are going there too! #mysteriousways Heavenly Father is in control :) The visitor center was packed!

Best part of the week though *drumroll please* We went to the Temple with our investigators/recent converts! It was amazing! The Spirit that you can feel at the Temple is different. I turned to our investigator and asked her if she felt it and she said "yes, it's so much stronger here". Also she told her brother that she is excited to be baptized! The Temple is powerful. It is the most sacred place you can be in this life and the blessings of the Temple are my favorite. I'm growing to appreciate them more and more. The fact that I know that my family can be together in the eternities brings so much peace. I wouldn't trade that knowledge for anything and helping others find that truth and receive those blessings is the best job ever. I am so blessed to be called as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Go to the Temple. Just sit on the grounds. Humbly ask to feel your Heavenly Father's love for you personally and I promise that you will feel it.

I hope you all are being safe while playing Pokemon-Go :)

I love you all,

Hermana Dickson

The most sacred place you can be

First time temple trip for a new member/investigator family

Temple Trip Traveling

Forest Grove Zone

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