Monday, August 15, 2016

"The Girls on the Bikes In Skirts"

Week #22

You know you're a real missionary when you're riding a bike!

Miles in a car this week: approximately 65. 
Miles on a bike this week: approximately 55. 
Tears this week: approximately 0.5. 

That's right I'm a real missionary now. We got cut on our car miles so we got bikes! Our first day we rode over 20 miles because we hadn't figured out the the shortest/most down-hill routes quite yet. We've figured it out now, but let's just say that we over doubled our miles that day.

I'm actually not sore at all. #blessingsofamission, but it is harder than I thought it would be. Those first couple of days were long. We get a lot more attention though and people recognize us as the girls on the bikes in skirts which is good. The bad thing is that we also get a lot of wolf whistles. But hey, recognition is recognition right? :) Riding in a skirt is a talent that I haven't quite mastered yet. I've only ripped one skirt so far though so that is good. 

It has been super hot this week and we've felt it all because we have been on bikes. I have the greatest tan lines to prove it. Shoes, watch, biking gloves, and CTR rings. They're pretty impressive let me tell you. 

Our apartment is also really hot so we are sleeping in the living room with 5 fans and 5 alarms set because the fans are so loud. We also had 4 Hermanas living in our itty bitty apartment for 5 days so that was fun. Super crowded, but now that they are gone we miss them. It was a party.

We have been working so hard every day. We are literally talking to everyone now that we are on bikes and we are cleaning up our area book. There are a lot of people that haven't lived in the address that we have for them for 4 years and we are finding out that some addresses don't even exist. We've contacted all our referrals as of yesterday and some of them we have had for months so that was good. Speaking of referrals, we received one from some other missionaries and he is awesome. He is 21 and so so humble and ready for the Gospel. We are super excited to help him develop a faith and relationship with Christ. 

Being a missionary is not what I thought it would be. I don't actually know what I thought, but it is different than any other experience that I have had. As I see and help others come closer to Christ, I am coming closer to Him myself. I love this Gospel and I love this work. I love what the first page in Preach My Gospel says. "Every missionary has an important role in helping to 'bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man'". Change that to "every member" and I love it even more. We all have a role in this great work. I hope you all can realize and seek to fulfill your role in this great work. 

I love you all,

Hermana Dickson 

Riding bikes while in a skirt takes talent. She's a "real missionary" now!

At Sister Gale's for dinner


  1. Such a cutie! Love that happy smile (and the funny tan lines!)

  2. I love this! This last picture of you holding jam in front of a beautiful house looks like its something out of Pollyanna. Its such a happy picture:) I'm so glad you are doing great Sister Lauren!!

    Allison Mayoros