Monday, October 17, 2016

"Love you, Bye"

Week #31

You know your companionship is having too much fun when you have too many things to write about. Alright. I know I've been horrible at writing recently. I will try to do better in the future. I promise.

Our most progressing investigator yelled at us at church and told us she doesn't want us to be part of her baptism. We were told to lay low by our branch president until he had the opportunity to talk with her. We finally got the all clear, but now we can't find her. That is the goal for this week . . . she was on date for the beginning of November, but that may be changing. Pray that we find her maybe? She's a really special girl and we really love her. She could use some prayers.

Our recent converts are doing great. I really love working with them. Helping them learn and accept the Gospel before baptism is amazing, but I love that I have been able to be a part of their progression after their baptisms as well. We get to teach deeper doctrine and help them understand their role in His plan. Also they have the gift of the Holy Ghost with them so the lessons are so amazing and full of the the Spirit. The Villas went to the temple and did baptisms for the dead and love it. They teased me and told me that the water in the font was the perfect temperature. I've got a good streak for baptisms. The Villas water was freezing cold because the heater broke and the Farfan family got burned. One of these times I'll get it right.

So we are in a temporary trio with an English (speaking assigned) sister. She doesn't understand much [because they are serving the Spanish speaking areas], but it seems like she is having fun. We had to initiate her into our companionship and now she is a full blooded Hispanic. She is super awesome. We both just found out that we will probably be in the area until after Christmas and we are excited. I love Forest Grove so much. Looks like it's going to be a 9 month area for me. That's half my mission. I can't imagine leaving right now. I love the members and investigators so much. It's really special to be able to see progress and changes in people over such a long time. It's not 100% for sure that I will be here that long, but it's looking like that will happen. 

Yes, storms happened. Yes, we saw a tree smash a member's car. Yes, we are fine. It was an adventure. Everyone just started pulling out their chainsaws and hacking away at the trees so they wouldn't continue to fall down. Pictures are included. Really though. We got like a little pinch of the storms. I hope and pray for those that got more than a pinch.

My wonderful companion Hermana Brower is going home on Wednesday. I'm getting good at sending missionaries home. :) I have loved being her companion. It's interesting to see the difference because my companions have both been at the end of their missions and my next one will be the complete opposite. I've learned so much from both of them. They are both such good missionaries.

Oh, the reason I will probably be here for 9 months is because I just got called to be a trainer! Excited and scared.

Love you! Bye (at least this is what I said to my DL -district leader- over the phone . . . #HermanaAwkward)

I love you all,

Hermana Dickson

Forest Grove Zone

Storm damage

More storm damage. Mild compared to the hurricane winds and a tornado out on the coast.

Forest Grove Spanish Branch Missionaries
Hermanas Dickson & Brower, Brother & Sister Burkes, Elders Quinlan & Peltier

No explanation, but IF she was recorded her momma sure wants a copy!

"Initiation part one with Sister Barnes"

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