Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Blessings of Change

Week #44

You know you're in a new area and you don't know the roads when TiWi yells at you every 5 seconds.

I feel like I am on exchanges . . . This is weird. All I've known with a name tag is Forest Grove.

My district is all really young in their missions. All have been in their missions for 6 months or less so I am old compared to everyone. I still fell like I just started my mission. They are all like "your Spanish is awesome" and "so when we are as old as you . . . " It's weird. They all seem to be awesome missionaries though. I'm excited to serve with them. I got here and was told that we don't have district meetings in Spanish, so we are changing that this week. I'm excited.

My new companion is Hermana Jensen. She came out with Hermana Hunt so she is straight out of training. She has so much confidence! I love it. We are going to get this Spanishing thing down in "Little Mexico"! We laugh way too much though. Sister Carbine drove me to my new area and traded me with Hermana Stockett (I miss you Hermana Carbine!) That first day we had service with Jeff at the cemetary next door. We learned about larping and how the the people passed away. It was interesting. The snow came again this week and so we got to walk again. We got to talk to so many people though. I have so much more energy here. Transfers are hard, but are so needed. I feel like I am restarting my mission. It's so exciting. I really miss everyone in Forest Grove. I keep thinking "I need to tell Lourdes this next time I see her" or algo así. So it is hard when I remember this isn't just exchanges. President Loza told me that he thinks I'll be one of the missionaries who gets transferred back. It's not very common, but I wouldn't complain. 

I love the members here. They are so loving and welcoming. I feel bad because I am so overwhelmed with new streets, people, companion, etc so I don't remember their names, but they seem to understand. We are at a member's right now doing laundry and the Hermana just walked out of her room and said "I have a sweater for you Hermana". This is literally the second time I have met her. She's so cute. Her name is Hermana Imelda. What's really cool about her is that I met her son in the MTC and he told me to find his family. It's such a small world.

This week feels like it was the longest of my mission so far. I'm getting to know the investigators and members slowly and my companion is amazing. Miracles are going to happen here. I did not want to leave, but I've realized that I needed a change badly. This change has given me new energy and I have been feeling so sick recently and it's gone now. Already seeing the blessings of change. Change is good! We just have to humble ourselves a little bit and have patience to wait for the blessings that will come.

Hermana Jensen is my second companion to tell me that I speak Spanish in my sleep. Well . . . I either just babble with a Hispanic accent or she just doesn't understand what I am saying. Probably the first one. People have asked me if I have started dreaming in Spanish yet. They say that means I am learning well . . . well yes, I have dreams in Spanish. They usually consist of other people speaking and I'm crying because I don't understand anything. . . Gift of Tongues is real though. I have felt it.

I feel like this email is super scattered. . . sorry.

Have a wonderful week!

I love you all,

Hermana Dickson.  

New Companions. Hermana Jensen

Silly Sisters

My last picture with Hermanita Margarita

Hermana Hunt painted this pot for the cactus she gave me for Christmas. She is so talented!

Snow Canyon and our cinder cone at home on one side. . .

. . . Haystock Rock. "Build Upon the Rock" on the other.

Home is where the heart is. A perfect gift for a girl now with two beloved homes.

Hermana Dickson: Watercolor by Sister Carbine the younger. 

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