Friday, January 27, 2017

"Ye Know Not, but that They Will Return and Repent. . . and I Shall Heal Them"

Week # 45

You know you're in "Little Mexico" when you eat more than 30 tortillas in 5 days. . . Honestly I've lost count. It's probably over 40. . .

So many tortillas. I'm loving it. We'll see if the scale loves it as much as I do. My stomach is re-adjusting back to Mexican food. So far so good.

This week was hard. Starting Tuesday we decided to do a car fast for the morning. Well it ended up the whole day because we came home sick before dinner. And the next day. And the next. We literally came in and passed out on the floor. Coats and boots included. We did make it out to some lessons and to our meetings, but even on Friday we were zombies at district meeting and sports night. The Elders offered us peppermint gum. . . not a blessing, but peppermint gum. It's okay. We are feeling much better now. 

We actually had a really good week considering that we were sick. The last couple of days we worked really hard to make up for it and we got pretty close to our goals. We had 7 (investigators) at church! That's a record for my mission I think. It's really hard being sick as a missionary. If we were home, we wouldn't feel guilty, but as a missionary we want to be out working and sometimes it's hard to remember that Heavenly Father wants us to take care of ourselves too. I said this in an earlier email way back in my training, but I really believe that one of the biggest trials for missionaries (well at least for me) are the limitations of our bodies. Our spirits are like "Wooh! Let's go! OYM! -open your mouth!- Find the humans! Teach the humans! Help the humans!" and then our bodies say "let's be sick today, let's be tired". It's a struggle. I feel like it takes away my agency. BUT Heavenly Father understands and knows what we can handle. 

We had interviews with President Tateoka this weekend. I love interviews. I didn't cry this time. That's a record. We get to talk about the area and investigators and then really about whatever we want. President and I talked a lot about Forest Grove and everything that I was able to do there and learn there. He told me that the area has changed and grown since he got to the mission and he thanked me. Honestly sometimes it is really easy to feel like no one will remember you and that you really didn't help anyone. We really don't know the effects of our efforts. I grew a lot in Forest Grove, but I have seen this transfer bless me so much. Change is good if we open ourselves up and find the blessings. 

We stopped by a less active's house on Saturday night and literally the whole family was there. We were able to have an awesome lesson and the mom told us about a dream that she had. She told us that the Spirit warned her that she has a responsibility to bring her children to church. And they all came to church! Everyone! It was such a tender mercy and having a hard week of being sick.

We have had a huge focus on using the Book of Mormon in everything that we do. I've definitely seen that help. We just started a reading chart with some of our investigators. Every night that they read they get to fill in a square and it ends up making a picture. I'll send a picture when I am done. I have loved reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. It is so special to read it in a different language. It makes me focus more and so I get even more out of it. It's amazing how you can read a verse and feel like you have never read it before. Yesterday in branch council our branch president pulled out scriptures and read us 3rd Nefi 18:31-32. I've read that scripture so many times, but the Spirit was so strong. It felt like the first time. I love that scripture. I love that we can always return. Christ can literally heal us. Sometimes we are the one that needs the healing and sometimes we are the tool in His hands to help heal others. 

I'll never fully understand the Atonement, but I can say that I am learning more gradually how I can access the redeeming and enabling power of the Atonement. I'm learning through my triumphs and I'm learning even more from my errors. It is such a beautiful gift.

Los quiero,

Hermana Dickson

P.S. SUPER BIG MIRACLE! I just found out! Remember the Farfán family? Their dad just said yes to baptism! They are going to be an eternal family! I can't even express how much joy this brings so many people. So many prayers are being answered! He is listening!

Hermana Jensen and Hermana Dickson

This is an average drop note from the one and only Hna Dickson. I like to keep things interesting.

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