Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"Christ Knows Me"

Week #17

You know you're doing something right as a missionary when your prayers are answered.

I've been praying for a lot of things, people, blessings. This has been the hardest week so far. I know I'm only a few months in, but I will be surprised if I have one worse than this. BUT there are blessings in everything right?

This week has been super long. I looked at the calendar last night and was really surprised that we had interviews with our new President just this week. It feels like so long ago. We each met him and got to talk to him for awhile. I asked him if he had everyone's name memorized yet and he laughed and didn't respond :) He's doing great though. I can tell that he is close to the spirit and that he holds the priesthood keys to preside over this mission. I feel like he knows me already, but I realized that I feel that way because he is Christ's servant and Christ knows me.

Christ knows me. He does. If I didn't already have a testimony of the power of the Atonement, I do now. Yes, he suffered for our sins so that we may be clean, so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father again. What I've learned this week, what I've realized and felt this week, is that he suffered for the sicknesses, the infirmities, the pain, and the anger. Every disappointment, every frustration. He suffered all. When you think no one understands, there is always one person who does. Physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. I already knew that, but this week I have seen others experience it and have experienced it myself.

I went on exchanges this week and every lesson was about prayer. I think I've prayed harder this past week than ever before in my life, no exaggeration. And prayers have been answered. I've been praying my whole mission for help with controlling my emotions (if you really know me you know that I have zero control over my tear ducts) and this week amazingly I have been able to not cry about everything that has been happening :) it's a miracle! Really though. I've felt the Spirit so much this week. I have felt it guide me and help me know what should happen. I have felt comfort and I have felt the confirmation that everything is happening according to God's plan.

We met some miracle people this weekend. Every missionary dreams of getting a call from someone who wants to come to church. We didn't get a call, but we got a text. We were a little weirded out at first because he wanted to meet with us in the evening at the church. We couldn't find a male member to come with us so we brought the Elders with us. He is so humble, so ready. He is already a member, but he hasn't been (to church) for years. His faith is so strong and we are so blessed to have met him. Earlier that day he saw the English Sister missionaries
and they waved to him. He took that as a sign to contact us. Sister Bell (the sister who waved) had no idea her impact on him. A wave brought a man back to church.

Honestly, I can't think of what else to share this week. I just want to let you all know that I have such a strong testimony of the little things. Prayer, scripture reading, and going to church are so important.

I love you all,

Hermana Dickson

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