Monday, July 25, 2016

"Sight and Sound" Fourth Month and Third Trio

Week #19

You know you're Hermana Dickson when you are placed in a trio companionship again.

Third trio in my mission and I've only been out for 4 months. Forever destined to be in a trio. I have been with Sister Drollinger and Sister Bell this week. It's been super awesome. We have been in their area most of the time, but we did get some Spanishing in there too.

So I know that I told y'all that last week was stressful, but in comparison with this week, last week was a breeze. My beautiful, wonderful, amazing trainer (love you Hna Coca) went home to get un-sick, so last Monday all of the sister missionaries in our zone came over to our apartment and helped us pack. That means that there were eight girls in our itty bitty apartment! It was a little crazy. That's why no one got letters and I only wrote like one itty bitty email.

President Tateoka came and visited us and said "Well now we've got to figure out where you are going Hermana Dickson" and I said "well the Forest Grove 2nd sisters have room". So that's how I ended up where I'm at. We gave our appointments to the Spanish Elders for the week and I was thinking that I would just be speaking English until transfers, but a couple days in I was called to repentance. I'm still set apart for my area. We had a few lessons this week and doorstep conversations and because I'm the only one who speaks even a little Spanish, I got lots of practice speaking and teaching. Wooh! We still have language study and Sister Drollinger is loving it. I think I've heard "si" more times this week than my whole mission.

There is a new Senior Missionary Couple in the Spanish Branch which is awesome. They are Elder and Hermana Burke. They are from Michigan and they both served missions in Spanish. They are a hoot. I met them on Saturday at District meeting and I went to church twice yesterday, once with my companions, and once with the Spanish Branch so I saw them then too.

We did something called a Restoration Tour yesterday. It is pretty much teaching about the Restoration in the church. It's super powerful. While we were setting up Sister Bell and I were trying to close the folding dividers between the chapel and the gym and we were on opposite sides obviously. We closed it and then we both said "wait, sight and sound!"(because as companions we are supposed to always be in sight and hearing of each other) so we both ran towards the doors to meet each other. You know the part in  the movie Freaky Friday when they run straight at each other and slam together? Yeah... We both rounded the corner and let's just say that we both have some new bruises. Fun fun :)

We have transfers tomorrow and Sister Bell is getting transferred. I will be getting a new companion tomorrow as well and will be back in my area full time.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer! I forget that it is summer because I don't have a summer vacation.

I love you all,

Hermana Dickson

Build Upon the Rock

Hermana Dickson, Sister Drollinger, Sister Bell (the 3rd Trio)

Our favorite missionary

"4 Months Baby!"
Beautiful spacious skies and amber waves of grain

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