Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Stay Focused on Christ

Week #38

You know you're in Oregon when everything shuts down because of snow. . . Even the tree farms . . . Even when it melts two hours later.

So we planned to get a Christmas tree today, but literally every farm was shut down. Even after all the snow had melted. So next week for sure.

This week went so fast, but I feel like so much happened. It's been a rollercoaster for sure.

Tania got baptized! It was so special! It has been such a bumpy road, but that makes it even better. It was actually really stressful because she had her interview last Sunday and we thought everything was good to go. We found out Thursday that we may have to move her baptism because of lack of communication with our mission President. No one could get ahold of him and he still hadn't given approval for her baptism. Our district leader was trying to call everyone he could, but no one answered. On Friday we were talking about moving it just in case, but we were really nervous because we had moved her baptism multiple times already and we didn't want her to be discouraged. My sweet companion said "I feel that we need to wait until noon. Something is telling me 'just wait until noon'". District meeting had ended just before noon and our district leader received a call the minute the closing prayer ended and it was President Tateoka. I ran out after him and just stood there waiting, straining to hear what President was saying. Elder Thompson gave a nod and then I ran back into the room to tell everyone that we have a baptism tomorrow night and everyone is invited! It was exciting (aka stressful).

We also had another adventure the next day when the font started draining so I had to get in a jumpsuit and go plug it back up 15 minutes before everyone got there. Pictures are included.

Everything literally seemed to be working against us. The font was draining, there was a parade blocking all of the traffic so everyone was late, and the man who was going to baptize Tania texted us and told us he might not be there. I have such a testimony of the Will of God. We had to turn it over to Him. We knew that if it was His will there would be a baptism. And there was. The water was warm (not boiling hot or freezing cold! I finally got it right!) Tania was so happy and I hugged her right after. It was the best hug I have ever received. It was wet, but the light in her eyes made it worth it. Her words of relief, "I'm clean", will never leave my mind. It is so magical to see true conversion change someone. She has changed. The next morning her dad and brother came to church for her confirmation and stayed for all three hours! That was so special and I know they felt the Spirit there.

President and Sister Tateoka came to the baptism and we got to spend some much needed time with them afterwards. He told us that he was looking at the board of the mission and just felt that he needed to be in Forest Grove. I was able to receive a much needed blessing of comfort and counsel and I know that he loves me. More than anything I know that my Heavenly Father loves me. Unfortunately I'm really good at forgetting that. Priesthood blessings are so powerful.

I hope that you were able to watch the Christmas Devotional. It was wonderful.

Running out of time, but I hope that you know that I truly love you. I wish I had time to write to each one of you. Stay focused on Christ this season. He really is the reason.

I love you all,

Hermana Dickson

Glowing! Look at those smiles.

Keeping the water from draining out.

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