Sunday, April 24, 2016

Nearer My God to Thee

Week #5

You know you're in the MTC when…

This week has gone by so fast. I don't even know what to type because I feel like I emailed yesterday. They really keep us busy here. We teach so many lessons a day. and don't have any spare time. I haven't prepared the music for tomorrow's Sacrament meeting yet... Oops.

I was called as a Sister Training Leader for the new districts. (Well Sister Dickerson was. They never get my name right. I'm either Elder Dickson or Hermana Dickerson. :) It's okay though.) It has been a really good experience so far. We get to meet the new sisters and help them adjust. Our relationship with our Sister Training Leaders wasn't very good and we don't want it to be the same for the new sisters so we decided to share a thought and pray every night with all of the sisters in our Zone. It was really an inspired idea. We have all grown so close and grown together spiritually. It's wonderful to hear the stories of how we all got to where we are in our lives. The new Sisters are Sister Mcphie (Washington, Vancouver), Sister Anderson (Arizona, Gilbert), Sister Greenlaw (Illinois, Chicago West), and Sister Jones (Nicaragua). The Elders are Elder Noyes, Elder Tyler, and Elder Mammott (all going to Nicaragua). Hopefully we get another district this next week as well.

This week was full of familiar faces. The BYU Mens Chorus came and sang on Sunday and I saw Tanner Hafen, Sister Emily Olsen is here, my long lost cousin Sister Jessica Steinagel (3rd cousins), and I have seen Elder Jonathon Stucki multiple times. It's so nice to see people that I know. I didn't get any pictures with them this week, but I will try to get some before I leave.

Music has saved me this week. I play piano in Sacrament meeting and sing at devotionals. I was invited to sing for the Branch Presidencies last week and one of the sisters recorded it and sent it to my parents. I was asked to sing again at the departing devotional this Sunday and I can't wait. Music gives me peace and a break from the craziness of the schedule here. I've talked my companions into singing tomorrow in Sacrament meeting with me and even though they aren't super excited about it, I am. I loved the Devotional last week with the BYU choir. The Spirit was so strong. They sang some very beautiful and inspiring songs. Believe it or not, they sang "I Can Go The Distance" from the Disney Hercules. I've never really listed to the lyrics, but it was really applicable to a mission. 

Music is such a blessing in my life and I have such a strong testimony about it. God created everything for his children, including music. I remember struggling to focus in Sacrament meeting when I was younger and I would pull out the Hymn book and read the words. They are scripture and are inspired. This last week I couldn't sleep and I was upset. I knelt down to pray, but couldn't get any words out. I started singing a hymn on my knees and felt such comfort and peace. I was finally able to calm down and fall asleep.

"Nearer My God to Thee". That's all I wanted, to feel closer to him and to feel his love and support in my struggles. We all come closer to Christ in different ways. For me, it is music.

I hope you are all doing well and are coming closer to Christ in your own way.

I love you all,
Hermana Dickson

The Hermanas in the Zone.

We decorated the new Hermanas' door. I made the dresses because I'm super cool.

The Elders in the Zone

Hermana Anderson, Hermana Greenlaw, and Hermana Dickson

The Zone 

The Companionship

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