Saturday, April 2, 2016

"I love the MTC. It's hard, but so amazing."

Week #2

You know you're in the MTC when the fire alarm goes off just to tell you "Sisters, there is a man in the building, there is a MAN in the building"!

To quote my companion: "This place is like church Disneyland"! I love the MTC. It's hard, but so amazing. The schedule today is super wack because of General Conference so I don't really have a PDay. So I have to type really fast, forgive me if my words are jumbled.

So much Spanish! They really cram the language into you. The teachers will not speak English! It's amazing how much I've learned, but the expectations are so high. I can understand a good amount when people are talking to me, but speaking Spanish is a whole other story. I am way behind the rest of my district. Like me, they all studied Spanish in school. Unlike me, they actually retained what they had studied. All I remember is Pinatas... BUT being behind everyone else motivates me. I bring at least one book back to our dorm and study (which we really aren't supposed to do). I know I shouldn't compare myself to the rest of my district, but I just want to catch up. It really is amazing how much I have learned though. Only 5 more weeks before they throw me out into the real world.

Our Investigator this last week was Mayra. They really throw you to the sharks that first day. We are expected to go in and teach in Spanish before even learning much at all. It was hard. I only recognize a few words and so by the time I figure out what she has said, they (my very capable companions) have already moved on to something else. I finally got more involved by the 3rd lesson, but it is still hard. We re-met Mayra yesterday as our new teacher Hermana Lister. She is amazing and makes learning Spanish so much fun. We were talking about a scripture and she said "Pide pan" Which means "He asks for bread", and I just sat there trying to figure out how Peter Pan came into the lesson. We laughed way too hard about that one. My other teachers are Hermana Bradshaw and Hermano Corbin. They are awesome as well.

The food is still making me sick. My mailing address is 
Sister Lauren Elizabeth Dickson
2005 N 900 E Unit  211
Provo UT 84602
... Hint hint...
Also, my body is super sore because one of the elders in my district is a marine and apparently we all joined "boot camp" this week so that's cool. Speaking of my district, I love them. We are already like a family. Elder Moore is from Canada and he said that he met Amy! He is headed to Georgia (Belen...). Elder Haight is from Redlands California (Myia) and he is going to Nebraska. Elder Flores is headed to Fresno California and is from Utah. My companions and I are all from Utah and are headed to Kentucky (Hermana Swapp), San Diego (Hermana Tracy), and Oregon (me obviously). I'm a little sad that we are all splitting up when we leave the MTC, but something neat is that none of us were planning on missions a year ago. A whole district wouldn't be here if we all hadn't changed our minds.

Our zone is super small, only one other district so that means that we have to have a talk ready every Sunday and "Elder Dickson" has been called as the music coordinator... I'm freaking out because I have to learn a bunch of hymns to play in church, but there is no time to practice. Speaking of time, every minute of my life is scheduled.

Wake up at 6 (or 6:30 if we are tired)
Class at 7
30 minute breakfast
Back to class until
40 minute lunch
Back to class
50 minute dinner
back to class

Over 16 hours of go go go. Add an hour of "boot camp" into there and I am tired. A couple of nights ago I fell asleep while studying, woke up and then fell asleep while praying. Woke up and crawled into bed and my companions said that I said "Buenos Noches" and immediately started snoring. How embarrassing, but boy am I tired. Easter Devotional was amazing. Elder Ballard came and spoke and we got to sing in the MTC choir even though we were newbies. My Zone is what is called a "choir zone". We are required to go sing in the choir (no complaints from me). It is amazing. The conductor tells us stories and teaches a small lesson in between verses. I LOVE that we get to attend the temple each Saturday. The peace that is felt there is amazing.

Sorry this is so long and gold star to anyone who actually reads the whole thing. I just have so much to share. Only being able to email once a week is hard. Letters are better than emails. I can read and send them every day (hint hint).

I love you all,
Hermana Dickson

Hermana Tracy, Hermana Swapp, and Hermana Dickson studying our lives away.

Ignore my awkward face, but Oregon! 

Elder Moore, Elder Flores, and Elder Haight 

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